Umuzi Creates


Umuzi Creates is a content creation and representation agency based in South Africa. Our aim is to empower the people living the story, to tell the story. 

The people behind Umuzi Creates:

Uviwe Mangweni

Uviwe Mangweni
 - Head of Stock

Uviwe Mangweni is an Umuzi Creates project manager based in Johannesburg who brings her unique management consulting and advertising experience to operational assignments. A creative at heart with a passion for the visual arts as and strategic problem solving, Uviwe is always inspired by movements that challenge mainstream representations of beauty and power.

Odi Esterhuyse (1).jpg

Odi Esterhuyse
- Head of Experiences

Odendaal is primarily interested in experimenting with various media, collaborating and developing young artists. His career follows a narrative that originates in music, develops through photography into film and most recently, art experiences and shared value creation. Conceptually, his primary focus is identity politics, making South Africa an ideal environment. He is the product owner for Umuzi Experiences and is currently setting up base for Umuzi in Cape Town.

Thapelo Motsumi.jpg

Thapelo Motsumi
- Head of Production

Thapelo came to Umuzi Photo Club as a student in 2009.  By working extensively in Umuzi's commercial projects, Thapelo was named Umuzi’s Head of Production in 2012. He is an up-and-coming South African photographer who tells stories through his lens. His work has been exhibited in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

Andrew Levy.jpg

Andrew Levy
- Head of Represents

Andrew Is a native to Jozi. He graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelors degree in commerce majoring in economics, politics, and philosophy, following that on with a post grad in Leadership and Entrepreneurship. His major passion has always been how to change the needle on inequality through the use of education as well as using creativity to challenge the narratives in SA. Andrew believes access to social capital for talented young people who are ready and willing to grab those opportunities will unlock the potential that lies in this country.