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FIRST THURSDAY: Cherrie Bomb - the affect of the male on the female.



Cherrie Bomb explores the ‘affects of the male on the female'

We reveal the truth behind the previously accepted social concepts and mythologies like behind every powerful man there is a strong woman; every broken man must not have felt the love from his mother, and women who are sexually assaulted must have been asking for it. We want to start a new conversation where man and woman stand on equal ground to share their perceptions away from society’s judgmental eye.

The female being is an experimental tool for masculinity, We are sluts, honeys, sugars, fohlozas, labelled according to the roles the male selects for us to play. Cherrie, originally a township slang term used to describe a female has another element that is part of a hierarchy that only man can rate. To be a ‘cherrie’ means a female is not the main woman, but rather a less prioritized aspect in his life.

‘Bomb’ is a weapon of destruction and a term associated with war. However, in pop culture, it’s ‘Bombshell’ - a term used to describe an explosive type of female beauty. The combination of the words elevates the level and the sexual connotation surrounding the female subject. Though this could be a male’s distorted form of admiration, it still boasts negativity towards the female.

All females in South Africa, past puberty ( it’s not only past puberty), have been referred to as one of the above-mentioned names. Even the ‘taken’ women are not exempt, because for man to earn power, they need to own a ‘cherrie’. All the mightier are those whose cherries are ‘bombshells’.

Naturally, this topic draws us closer to patriarchy. Through the exhibition, space and experience have been formed to express what the receiving end of men’s creatively crafted antidotes towards women feels like. Some of the topical elements used to send out this message include: how we occupy space as counterparts of the human race; the censorship of the female in traditional settings as well as the importance of the male receiving and acknowledging this information.