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FIRST THURSDAY: RISE - the people first



the People First

This exhibition aims to motivate South African youth to participate in our political narrative. It celebrates those activists who do contribute towards a more equal society while challenging apathy and ignorance in our youth.

Mowa’s choice of mixed media in his use of collage mirrors the diversity found on today’s political landscape. He collaborates with photographers George Kambwiri & Nonkululeko Chabalala to include contemporary images taken at #FEESMUSTFALL and other protests. This element of realism makes Mowa’s work more relatable, furthering his agenda to bridge the gap between a passive youth and South African politics.

Mowa references three indigenous tribes from Limpopo, VhaVenda, VaTsonga and the BaPedi, in his use of color. The range - and brightness of colors achieve an unexpected harmony that - once again - hints at the positive outcome of diversity.

RISE’’s agenda does not extend to any political campaign. Mowa is not choosing sides. In stead, this body of work is on the side of participation and awareness. It motivates active citizenship by welcoming South African activism into pop culture.