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FIRST THURSDAY: Traces Of Culture



The Melanin in my skin colours my ideas, designs and illustration.

My Illustrations explore the idea of integrated African roots, the manifestation of subcultural groups in our black race and African intellectual development.

I believe, as a creative, it is in my nature to incorporate social transnational forums into my designs.

Sociological theory heavily influences my conceptual process. Combining separate elements from heritage to create a cultural reference helps me move towards an integrated Afro-black-creative-state.

I aim to fuse design and culture to liberate myself.

Sepeng was born in Alexandra township and is currently based in Johannesburg. He has a keen eye for detail, a strong technical ability and a boundless enthusiasm for Africa, love, design, illustration and photography.

His work adapts liberation heroes like Steve Biko and Madiba to the current contexts of cool. He is known for his Nubian art, African prints and portraits of African faces with urban contemporary appeal. Each of his pieces has a post-colonial feel.

His work reflects on the transitional process of South Africa and the need to create our own identity through our heritage.